Thursday 19 July 2007


This is the new project i did mentioned on my last post on friday.I crocheted a small bag for the Julia Jaafar's birthday. It took me about a week to finish it. I made it with a washable wool imported from England.
then, here comes the progress on my classes.This week our lecturer started giving us a lists of assignment which include literature review, proprosal paper for a research paper not to mentioned a pile of group assignment and of course there will be a presentation for every each of the given task. Gosh...i need to do more reading on schoolary articles and journals...
Then again today i was told by my new appointed COO (Chief Operation Officer) that our operation office is going to be transfer either to KCH or KK..that means that i need to make a decision whether i willing to be post permanently in KL in order to finish my studies or going back there and find other solution on continuing studies. i were given this few day to think n find the best option for both party (me n the management).for me i prefered to transfer back to my previous office in KCH but then i stucked here to with my master program.i dont want to be permanently here in KL.I want to go back but the COO doesnt prefered it that way. He want me to decide either i stay here permanently or going back to KCH.Who have the answer for that?...i need to get some advise from my colleagues by tommorrow morning.

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  1. Maria! You have been tagged! Baca post Kak Emi: dan copy paste, gantikan 3 nama tu dengan nama orang yang awak akan tag. Kalau takde 3, satu dua pun takpe. Letak link awak dekat sebelah link Kak Emi kat 2nd last paragraph. Nanti ramai orang akan melawat di sini! So, reveal your face! Ini assignment malam minggu hahaha! Enjoy!!