Thursday 15 November 2007

Kampung Love by Harry Acid Rain

This song is one of the most popular songs for local people in Sarawak. It were sang by Harry Acid Rain, a Bidayuh guy somewhere from Serian. This song has been in the local music industry for the past few years behind. Recently, I found the video accidentaly in You Tube. Since, I already been in KL for some time so I kinda miss the local songs. The lyrics was written in Bidayuh languages which I dont really good in translating it to English. But the story is about a guy who went to work in Peninsular Malaysia so that he can save a lot of money to ask his girlfriend a hand of marriage. But then, he went to a frustration when he found out that his girlfriend just got married with the other guy. That is the simple story that I can tell you about the song. So, please check it out.

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