Tuesday 20 November 2007

Reunion with an old friend

Last sunday, it was happen that few hours after I got home from Pekan, Pahang, an old friend of mine told me that he is around in KL for her mother's convocations (his mother was one of my primary school teacher). He of course was my ex-classmate in the primary and secondary school back home. So, we went out that night for a small reunion (it was only me and him anyway) at KLCC. The meeting went out until midnight. We both updating latest news on our carier as well with our personal life and of course exchanged news about the rest of the classmate from school. Some of them are already married at least with one child and others are missing in action. It was funny and embarrasing when we talked about our past..I mean when we have our first injection during primary 1, he was one of the boys who tried to hide himself from the nurses in the staff room. Obviously it was not a good idea because his mother turn him up to the nurses...hahaha...but to tell the truth, we never have the chances back then to hang up like this until last sunday...and since he considered it as a was my first date with a guy after my last relationship...but please dont jump into any was only a reunion and not more than that...I hope I can meet up more of my friends back in school in the future because I miss them so much.....All the bad and weird things we did before....hehehehe....