Wednesday 28 November 2007

Today my colleagues and I decorating our first christmas tree in the office.It was so fun and we were really enjoying ourselves.

This is Atie putting some of the ornaments

Other than that, I have a great news to shared with. I got my results for the first semester. I got 3.58 for my CGPA. Meaning that I am going to continue for my 2nd semester in this coming December. I am so relieved with the result that I've got since I have to juggles with my works as well. I just hope that I can do better in the future. At the mean times, I just cant wait for this saturday because it is my christmas shopping spree...


  1. Wah wah wah! Cool x'mas tree! Merry X'mas, Maria!

  2. thanks kak emi...we are creating history in the office being first to puts up the tree