Tuesday 11 December 2007

Eating Again

This few days, I realise that I have been eating all day long. I know that it wouldnt hel much on my commission to lost more weight but I just cant resist my appetites.Anyway, I'd cooked myself my own version of Kampung Fried Rice. Seriously, I love it...

The simple recipes:

Shrimp paste,
Green Vegetables (Any that you like)
2 clove of garlic and onion
100 gm of Chicken meat
A bowl of rice
3 table spoon of cooking oil (Advisable use rice bran cooking oil because it contain no cholestral at all)

p.s: You may put any extra ingredients such as carrots or green peas as you like.


  1. Of course, rice bran oil is the best for fried rice-makes sense and you get health benefits as well.