Saturday 12 January 2008

Christmas Holiday 2007

These are few of pictures that I managed to take during my christmas holiday with family at home. I was too busy with eating and visiting. It was great and awesome when I finally met up with my new born twin nephew, Darren Phang Kang Sun and Dylan Phang Kang Lun. I was also surprised with Alex because he has been put on weight drastically since last June. Other than that, the food was absolutely great and delicious. But I managed to stay with my diet and yet still enjoying myself with the foods.

And of course, as usually I was asked with the question of "When am I going to married?" or "Have you found someone?". All of these quuestion is from my uncles and aunts. Hello....I am still young...and yet still studying. Please just let me enjoy my single life while I can.

Me and my niece and nephew

With our christmas tree

My mom holding her new born grandnephew, Darren Phang Kang Sun

My neices and nephews waiting for their turn to play PS2

Ovia and Alex with their favourite lunch meal, fried chicken wing & sausage

Close up of me and Ovia

Alex with towel after bath

Alex sleeping in his baby cott

We were imitate Ultraman Tiga for Alex

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