Thursday 17 July 2008

Fasting & Miss Universe 2008

I was fasting last Tuesday, but only managed to had it until 3.39pm. I dont know why but I just feel like to do so.So, when I reached at the campus that evening, I rushed myself to the canteen and ordered special fried meehoon. Another coursemate of mine, Pek Hoon also did the same thing as we both agreed to fast that day.It was so funny as we both are so damn hungry and laughing at each other.

That night our class finished early as our lecturer doesnt want to miss the live debate between DSAI and Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek. I was like "Hooray" because I was too tired.At home, after watched the debate, I managed to catch the Miss Universe 2008 Show.I just wonder how they can maintain that flat tummy as mine are not.Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza deserved to be crowned as the Queen of Miss Universe. I just love the way she bring herself on the stage compared to the other contestant.

Dayana Mendoza

During the Evening Gown Segment

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