Tuesday 22 July 2008


My Girls; Mich, PinkGirl, Debie, PearlTheBeautyQueen, Jocie, Anbritz&Bernie (the twins), Pame, Seryia,

Mich, PinkGirl, PearlTheBeautyQueen, Jocie and I met during our fabulous year in Unimas. We mix well even thou we came from different background and took different courses. One of the most memorable memories is when we like to hang out at one of the campus's lake, laying down while looked up to the stars and sometimes sang few songs. We did this for hours..luckily our hostel is just nearby, 5 minutes walk.But of course the curfew is by 12 midnight.

During my second year, we celebrate my birthday at the tennis court (in front of the guard house). There were spotlights from every corner so the place was cool to have such a small birthday party. It was not so fancy as we just gathered there and have my birthday cake. But the way we having it was fun and every each of us really enjoying ourself that night. Even three of our best boyfriend were there, Faizal, Fadzly and Malee. Somehow we like to talk with these three guy like having a girl talk and yet they dont mind at all.

Then again during our first Valentine Day in the campus. Each one of us are still SINGLE so we just stay in and hang out at Mich & Jocie's room. All of us shared a tin of coke and a bar of Cadbury chocolate. For me, that was my best Valentine ever, being with the loves one, my girls.

Anbritz & Bernie is twins that befriend with during secondary school. They just moved in to our kampong(our house is just neraby as 5 minutes walk. We went to school together every morning and joined the same school activities,gossiping about the same boys (obviously, and love to create such a imaginary world that we can live in together. I even help them to sell their mom's delicious nasi lemak to our classmate. Me and Anbritz even managed to come out school's newsletter for the first time ever.That was one of our proud moment in school.

Pame & Seryia is my childhood friend and we went to the same primary school. There was also few other girls like Emmaly, Ruby and others that we used to play together and even actively joined the school teater (I was Putri Langkasuka in the teater called Si Tenggang), dance show and the school brass band (I played the melodian.

Eventually, my circle of friends became wider everyday but I'll still cherish our memories and sometimes I can laugh by myself whenever I think it back. Most of them are married with at least one child (Malee), some are soon to be marry with their loves one, some even become a beauty queen (PearlTheBeautyQueen). While the rest of us is still out here hanging and enjoying our single life to the fullest.

I Miss you all so much..well..You know who you are anyway.

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