Friday 5 September 2008

Beads on Baju Kurung




A friend of mine commission me to put some beads on her baju kurung. She request for a simple design so I came out the design as above. I used 5 packs of glass bead from Apple Beads. I took three (3) days to finish it and hopefully she likes the design. Anyway, I do take order for seaming beads for any occasion. You may email me anytime if you are interested. You may also visit HandmadeByMarvic for more design and other handmade work by me.

Lastly, Selamat Berpuasa to all muslims bloggers.


  1. Marbeles!!! Heehehehe... kacak ada baju jadinya. Baju kurung kacak mun berbeads giya tapi mun baju kebaya sik berapa kenak.

  2. Hola Marvic! Your header is so cute la!

    Wah wah so clever la u, I don't have the skills nor the patience for beading he he! Happy weekend dear! :):):)

  3. Sherry: thanks sherry for the compliment

    Nowra: thanks kak...baru belajar polah

    Mariuca: hola mariuca, i just loves to do this kind of things for xtra income..hehehe

    Emila Yusof: thanks kak emi..

  4. ooohhh that's really pretty. I was just thinking of sending my baju kurung to be revamped with beads too! :)