Thursday 6 November 2008


I took this photo of our local fruit, mangosteen at home. The tree was planted by my father many years back since I was still small. This mangosteen remind me of our blogger, Mangosteenskin. She is a great talented artist that can make you stamp. Her stamp always look pretty and neat. You can check out her work on stamp at her blog. Surely you will find yourself being amused with her creative stamp. She also can illustrate well. There is no need for me to say more because for me seeing is go and drop by at Mangosteeskin.
Illustration 1 by Joanne Melda Basin

Illustration 2 by Joanne Melda Basin

Illustration 3 by Joanne Melda Basin

Above illustrations was made by my niece, Joanne Melda Basin. She is only 13 years old. I didnt that she is very talented and can draw very well. She use pen for the illustration. I used to give her crayon set, watercolor set etc for her christmas gift and not only for her also for her lil sister, Ovia. I usually supply them with stationeries that they need for school.

Me and my sister, Rose

This photo was took in a church during my sister's friend wedding. Opps...yup..I was wearing something sexy..I know...because can see my cleavage...hahaha

Shirley & Michele

That is Michele, the photographer for the night. And yes...our group is a big eater. This is only the small portion that we consumed that night. Usually it will be more than these.

Me and Shirley

She baru je merajuk with me before we met that night. Hahaha...and do i look a bit different with that hair style...

From my left: Shirley, me, Debie

Its girl night out for us since we works at different places. Me in Kl, Shirley in Sibu, Michele and Debie in Kuching. We didnt make it last June so that particular night was considered as our small gathering. Actually I was just touch down in Kuching that evening before we met for this gathering. Oh ya.. Michele was not in the photo because she is the one who took the picture...