Monday, 22 December 2008

3 More Days for Christmas

Today will be my last day blogging before I am heading back home from KL to Kuching, Sarawak tomorrow evening until 7th January 2009. I need a long holiday because of the long journey and time to spend with my family and friends back there. I only managed to get long holiday like three times per year if only I can get cheaper ticket flight. Otherwise, my trip will be only twice a year.

So, while I'm leaving for my holiday, I would like to add another additional giveaway for my Mystery Gift - Christmas Giveaway 2008. Since the gift is still a mystery to all of you, I would like you to make your lucky guess on the mystery gift. One person can guess as many as they want but the first person who guess the correct one will be winner. The winner will be getting that mystery gift along with the winner for the lucky draw. The winner for this additional guess contest will be announce together with the winner for the lucky draw.So, start cracking your head and do your research on Land of Hornbill.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year