Monday 15 December 2008

Cocktail Dress

From the scrap book
The finishing result

I saw this nice cocktail dress from one of the magazine that I bought few months ago fall in love with it at no time. Thus, I cut out the pages and keep it nicely as my fashion scrap book. In this fashion scrap book of mine, I would browse through any magazine and pick any fashion that I love to own. As you can see from the 1st picture feature above, that is one of many pages that I have in my scrap book of fashion. And the 2nd pages featured the finishing result of my cocktail dress in which I imitated from the scrap book. I didnt find any suitable place at home for me to take the picture nicely. So sorry for the bad presentation. I just wish that my friends are here so that they can take picture of me wearing the cocktail dress.
Talking about my scrap book of fashion, I started to do this about two months ago when I was looking around for my christmas dresses. Then I remember that I have lots of magazine that I need to let go at home. Thinking of all the gorgeous dresses and fashion in it, I decided to do the scrap book. Now, it has become my learning tool for me to learn on how to sew as I did not attend any formal classes for that matter. Sometimes, if I have any question about it, I will just give my sister a call as she did attend such classes many years ago. So, now I really save a lot of money instead of spending at least minimum of RM150 for a dress. With the same amount of money I actually canhave two different dresses if I sew it myself.
Now my cocktail dress are done, soon will be another one which is not yet done.