Wednesday 10 December 2008

My love story with mobile phones

When it comes to gadgets, I adore 3G mobile phone ever since they were available in the market. My first mobile phone was Siemens C56 with minimal function as I was only use it for texting and call purposes. I bought it with my elaun from my brother (thanks bro...) with only RM400 during my first year at university. Then, after two years I bought a new one, Nokia 2610 that able to receive multimedia messages.
Later, after I have work and it was already in the trend of having a 3G phone. I was then like to have my own 3G phone, so I bought my first 3G phone that is Nokia N70. I was satisfied with the phone and have used it for almost a year until one night I accidentaly slept on it and damaging the screen. I had to send it for a repair and luckly it is still under warranty. Considering that I will not have any mobile phone for more than a month, I bought Nokia N73 Music Edition. It became my new love. In between, my young brother lost his phone by pick pocket when he was on his way to work. Pity on him, I bought him a Sony Ericsson Z610i. I bought this one because I always wanted to have a flip phone. For me flip phone has a sophisticated character that engagedto the user as well. After a while, I have 3 mobile phone with me, that is the N70, N73 and Z610i (my brother brought his own Nokia Navigation half year later). The N70 I gave it to my niece after she dragging her mother to buy her a camera phone. She was only 13 years old.
Now, I found my new love on latest 3G mobile phone that is the new launch Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Qwerty.Everything that I want for a 3G mobile phone. While I was searching for more info on this Xperia, I found out about Nokia N97 Touchscreen Qwerty Slider which is not yet launch in the market. Will tell more about each in my next post.

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  1. Wah, banyaknya henpon... *jelesnya I*

    I'm eyeing the new LG touch screen phone... but kena kumpul duit dulu la. In the meantime, pakai je my old dinosaur henpon :)