Thursday 18 December 2008

Season To Give - Contest Tapestry

Macderine Ovia (9 years old) is her name

This is my story for the above contest;

My best & precious gift ever

When I was going back home a month after me celebrating my 23 years old birthday (I was on my semester break), I received this nicely wrapped birthday gift from my lovely niece. She was only six years old at time. She hugs me once I entered home and wish me happy birthday. I was like "erk.." because its already a month after my birthday so I didnt expect anything on that day. She gave me the gift and me of course eagerly unwrapped the gift in front of her. She looks so excited. Ta..da... Its Snoopy the Dog. I was so happy and nearly cried when my sister (her mother) said that she personally pick that Snoop when they went out to the town and said "I want aunty have this Snoopy for her birthday" to her mother.

The fact that nobody mention about my birthday to her and yet she knows about it, is still a mystery to me. In fact she asked her mother to buy a birthday cakes for me. I say cakes because once I cancelled my plan going back home at the last minute without knowing that she plan a surprise bithday party for me which she already have the cake and the 2nd birthday cake is when i having it on the day I received that precious gift from her. Did I mention that she personally wrapped the gift by herself and even pick the cakes too. No wonder my sister called me up many times to reconfirmed on my semester break and the date I plan going home. I really enjoyed my belated 23rd birthday celebration.

That's the story that really happened to me. I will post the picture of the Snoopy soon together with her.


  1. I got your story and thanx for participating :D will definitely update in my post some time this week :D

    all the best too ;)

  2. good reason! Cindy won the Prize.

  3. oh yeah marvic.. my giveaway result is out