Thursday 8 January 2009

My Christmas Holiday

I just arrived from Kuching last night from my long holiday which is due to Christmas. Thus, I left out lots of work either at the office (sure or not? hehehe..) and blogging and classes for my master studies. Anyway, I lost both of my handphone last saturday at Matang Family Park. I went there with my friends and while busy taking picture at the water stream, I totally forgot about my handbang that I left behind. Actually it was not too far from me as we actually can see it or if any person standing next to it. Not to mention that the thief also took more than RM150 cash money as well. Luckily the theif didnt take my handbag along. I was so down right after I found out that I lost my belongings. Furthermore I dont even dare to tell my mother about it as I was so careless not taking good care of my things. Right after that incident, my friends and I went for my handphone shopping at Wisma Saberkas, which is a place for Kuchingnites to get their handphones and any computer gadgets. Now, I am a Sony Ericsson K810i' user. That's the sad story that came along during my holiday...Whatever..Life must go on...

Other than that sad story, my holidays was superb. Attending the guests visiting to our open house during Christmas, moreover the guests is my relatives and close friends to the family. Same old faces. The babies (my cousins's childrens) are growing fast and naughty as well. I was unable to sit back and relax from 8 am till 6 pm. That is how tiring it can be on 25th December every year together with 1st June for Harvest Festival. I dont even have the chance to take pictures on that day with my family. Everyone was busy cooking, ushering and served the guests. But still it is fun as we only have the chance in twice a year to meet up and gathered the whole families and friends for a celebration. Not to mention is the foods that my sister and my mother cook, chicken cook in the bamboo, grilled chicken, ducks, mixed vegies, 'kacang ma' (chicken cook with herbs), chicken curry etc....I know..there is lots of chicken served on the table.

On the 26th Dec, we attending a wedding mass and be the witness of the Holy Matrimony between Edward Keegan (my cousin) and Jennifer at St Joseph Cathedral, Kuching. Then on the 27th Dec, the newly wed couple held a wedding reception at the Kpg Sibuluh Hall. The reception was fun as all the cousins, nieces & nephews, aunties and uncles dance all night long. Even my mother dance on the floor too... I was like "oh ok..." because I never saw her on the floor before. What a surprise....

Welcoming the new year with my friends at SOHO was fun too. We dance and dance all night and be back at home around 1 am as I am a early sleeper. We also visits our old campus and the new one as well and took pictures.

I will post few pictures soon.


  1. lucky you not having credit card.. then you need cancel that. oh yeah.. you need to do I/C? or you have IC with you.. haha.. funny question if no IC how you come back KL?

  2. the thief only took my handphones and cash money.Luckily I didnt bring my credit card along plus i hv already stopped using one about a year already...

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