Tuesday 20 January 2009

Revisit Unimas 2009

Revisit Unimas after graduated for almost three years is something that we look forward. Futhermore, the new campus is already in action. Somehow I am sympathy with the old campus that situated next to the new campus with 5 km distance. I was having a memory flashback when i wandering in the old campus. Remember my first night at the campus as the undergraduate student along with Michelle and Jocie since we were put under the same apartment. From that day, we develop a strong relationship with each other and remained close until now. Shirley joined the club later along with Aluyah. I really miss our old days as undergraduate student at Unimas.

On that day, we promised with Melissa to visit her shop (she is now a proud owner of Melissa Enterprise that provide beauty & skincare product based on gamat in Kota Samarahan). She actually asked us to kidnap her as she was too boring to stay in her shop. Funny right. Luckily she have her cousin to be her assistant in this small company of hers. Anyway, enjoy with the slideshows of our revisit to Unimas.

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