Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ahmad Nazif Quest for a Girlfriend

Hahaha..Recently, Fazzy and I has been instructed by fellow blogger, Ahmad Nazif, proud owner of Jurufoto.Blogspot.Com to have a special post in our blog - Ahmad Nazif Quest for a Girlfriend. So now here is my post for his request.

Ahmad Nazif is a Malaysian who works in enginering field at Saudi Arabia. He is in quest for a partner in crime a.k.a girlfriend. He however doesnt put any specific criteria for any interested candidate except that she has to be looks like Angelina Jolie.Dont ask me why but that is what he looking for at the moment. He is a freelance photographer and still in a long holiday in Malaysia before going back to his work in Saudi Arabia. You can see his photography works in his blog. If you like photography as much as he like it, then you may be the one that he is looking for. For those who is interested to be in the list, please do not hesitate to enroll yourself at his blog - Jurufoto.Blogspot.Com. My job is to post about his quest in my blog and here it is. Ok Nazif, $10 for this advertisement. Nothing is free nowadays...hahahaha.