Thursday 5 February 2009

Chinese Knotting

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I have always admired chinese knotting for quite sometimes but never had the time to look for the info on how to do the knots. Chinese Knotting (Chinese: 中國结; pinyin: Zhōngguó jié) is a decorative handicraft arts that began as a form of Chinese folkart in the Tang and Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) in China. It was later popularized in the Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1911 AD). The art is also referred to as Chinese traditional decorative knots. In other cultures, it is known as "Decorative knots". There are 11 basic knots that listed by Lydia Chen in her first book of Chinese decorative knotwork. They are: the 4 Flower Knot, the 6 Flower Knot, the Chinese Button Knot , the Double Connection Knot, the Double Coin Knot, the Sauvastika Knot, the Cross Knot, the Square Knot, the Caisson Ceiling Knot, the 2x2 Mystic Knot, and the Good Luck Knot.

I am going to learn more about the knotwork.Hopefully I can make one to gift it to my friends.


  1. ok nazif. let me learn how to do the knots then I pass it over to Pak Ngah ok? :)

  2. Hi, if you like to learn Chinese Knot, why not go to Sarah's website in : You may learn some basic knot and some cute animals - dragonfly, turtle, spider...etc.

  3. OMG!!! that is great. Thanks Anonymous...