Wednesday 18 March 2009

Blogger Gathering - Update 3

Date: 12th April 2009, Sunday
(according to Gregorian Calendar)
Time: 3 pm
Venue: KLCC

The 1st blogger gathering will be held in KLCC as mention above. The reason we have to change the venue is because this is only our 1st gathering and lots of us unable to make it due to other commitment. Anyway, Fazzy and me will be there so who else who like to join us are welcome. The activities will phototaking in KLCC, dinner and might have movie night as well. This gathering is open to all blogger who are still interested to join us. There is no fees or anything. Every expenses that may occur during this gathering will be under your own responsibility as this gathering is organise by individual not by legal association.

1. Marvic
2. Fazzy & BF (2 pax)
3. BainCardin
4. Next....


  1. I cant lah this 4&5..
    I have photo shooting at Sepang F1..
    Pls change the date..
    Kalau tak boleh tak pa..

  2. aku dah kecewa la dgn kau ni nazif...busy je memanjang.....

    (tgh merajuk nih...)

  3. 4th April?? i can't promise anything Marvic coz maybe i kerja on that day or maybe akan dipanggil kerja on that day..buzy lol keje hospital nih..

    If not you all dtg IJN jer lah yer..he.heee KLCC dekat dah dgn IJN kan..ka.ka.kaa

  4. Aah kita tuka venue kat IJN
    Ok gak boleh buat kerja amal..

  5. Me? ok! setttt!!!

    I'm actually will be havin' an exam...1st till 11th April! Marvic, kalo bain join time lunch boleh? nanti bain jumpa marvic and geng for lunch time, pagi study, tghhari lunch with d 1st blogger's gathering and petang ada class. ok kan?

  6. count on me Marvic! yay!!! ;)

  7. buat kat IJN ker....boleh la kot kalau semua org setuju ok je..

    Bain, i ader class in the morning..fazzy ader kenduri kawen plak nak kena attend...this gathering start from 5pm and fin x sure lagi but if u can join in between pun xper...nanti exchange number je la...

    nazif, tadi kata busy nak ambik gambar kat sepang...

  8. i nak ikot!!! boleh spon tiket leh????

  9. haaa.. ok jerr i tak kisah klcc ke ijn ke.. no problems.. hehehe.. i bawak bf i ley? opss best fren la..

  10. ashoda...beli la tiket kedirik...mok jumpa dgn kmk sik tok?.. :)

    fazzy...bawak bf ke best fren ke? janji bawa la jugak mamat hensem yg bujang utk i sekali k...hehehehe...

  11. best fren la.. tapi she tak sure ley datang or not.. hahaha.. dia nak abiskan zama solo dia before get marry bulan 5 nih

  12. ye ke fazzy..hehehehe..ingatkan BOYFRIEND..hehehehe

  13. Errkk, biar betul nak buat kat IJN?? mau aku kene panggil dengan CEO nanti lol.. buat lah, makan-makan kat cafe IJN yang tak sedap Pastu tolong aku buat kerja yer..ka.ka.kaaaa

  14. linda...kalau betul kita buat kat IJN..kita akan buat lawatan amal kat ward baby ye...hehehe

  15. April 12th ye? time tu Bain tolong my sister utk sessi merisik. kalau sempat Bain join k. pukul 3pm ya. :)

  16. bain, boleh je tunggu..i on the other hand will be there before 3 pm sbb nak gi tengok pc fair...hehehehe

  17. 12th April tu Sunday kan? bukan Saturday? :)

  18. betul tu bain....masa i buat post ni..i dah confused with calendar..hehehehe