Sunday, 22 March 2009

Weekend homework by Fazzy

This is my 1st time has been tagged by Fazzy, my new close blogger. She is so sweet doing this with one reason: to get to know me better...hehehehe..Here is the rules;

All answer has to be from google images

Pick only one image from the 1st page

Tag anyone that you want to know better

1) Favourite number
Chinese lucky number

2) Favourite flower
White Tulip

3) Favourite Car

I like volkswagen car

4) Favourite Outfit

I likes simple dress

5) Favourite shoe

6) Favourite Sport

I like to swim too with bikinis..
(need to have flat tummy first)

7) Favourite part of body

My eyes

8) Favourite Actor

9) Favourite Actress

10) Favourite Movie

Align CenterLove story that I love

Now, I am tagging this homework to Lotfi, Ahmad Nazif, OrkidOpah & BainCardin.