Sunday 14 June 2009

A Good Eater to A Chef? *

Learn to be a good cooker is what I have in mind right now. I think it is about time for me to learn to cook so that I can help my mother and my sister in the kitchen during Christmas and Gawai as well. Well, I was not a good helper in the kitchen before as my mother always asked me to study, study and study. Every time I get near her in the kitchen, she would asked me to go away and do something else. Hahahaha..That is why I am really good in eating and not in cooking. It is not that I don't know about cooking at all but I just don't have the confident to cook for other people to eat but good enough for my family. But now since the time has come, so I was looking for few website that can give me good recipes on local dishes, oriental and western food. I have been digging in the website for good recipes and yup I found few that really help. Besides websites, I love to watch AsianFoodChannel and Travel & Living at Astro. Just love to see them cooking, grilling, chopping here and there, herbs, spices, puts everything in the pot...and walaa...its ready to be serve. Every time I watch each program, I would be so hungry and feel like to eat it all.

Hmmm..wonder when can I be really good like them. Just need my friends as they love to eat and do food experiment too. I can cook and they can eat...Owh..Michelle, Shirley and Debie...come over here and lets us enjoy our day like before in Kuching. And of course I need a real kitchen with every thing is ready to be use.Hahaha..Another quest that I need to fulfill first.

The websites:
Chef's Catalog




  1. marvic
    i reti makan tapi masak .........
    hehehe tapi teringin nak masak untuk si diaaaaaa

  2. masak je la untuk si dia..apa susah...aku ni ha..sapa nak makan apa yg aku masak..uwahhhh

  3. i suka memasak juga! mak i kata memasak mengajar kita untuk bijak mengurus perkara dan masa~ huhu

  4. penanya(?): kalau ada masak apa2..hantar la kat sini..kekekeke :D