Thursday 4 June 2009

Kue Chang & Lemang

Its my bite

The Lemang

Kue Chang with groundnuts, mushroom and chicken as the ingredient

Again its my bite

The Kue Chang

Mak send in her love with Kue Chang and Lemang all the way from kampung. My brother that went back home for holiday be the courier man for this yummy delicacies. Well, actually, I request the Kue Chang from my mom few days before the festival as I was longing to have one. Surely it taste so yummy. I just had 4 piece of Kue Chang up to this moment even having one while I typing this entry..hehehehe..Mak, you are my saviour today. You cheer me up with you Kue Chang.

Two days ago I sent in text to my sister to pass my traditional gear to my brother as I need it for a portrait photo shot. This is the Bidayuh costumes that wear by the woman. Mine is not fully complete because it is too costly own a full set and difficult to find the authentic gear such as the pangiah (necklace) etc. What I have is only the belts and bangles which is of course not complete. I post an entry about my portrait in these costume very soon before the my festive mood turn down.
My costume

The heavy belts

Some of the accessories

Better Watch Out With The Bidayuh Warriors

Do you still want to mess with me? Huh!!!!


  1. mm...Marvic, sekarang ni lemang dah tak ikut musim dah kan? tiap2 hari ada jual. kena pandai cari tempatnya.:) but Kue Chang tu, Bain x pernah rasa lagi. Macam sedap je...:)

  2. bain, i dont really eat mom hantar sekali for her cucu kat sini..Cucu dia, adam suka makan fave is the kue chang..mmg sedap...kat jusco ada kalau nak cari..tapi besar gabak la and very expensive too..hehehe..this one my mom buat just nice je the size..cukup2 dua kali je suap..kekeke..seriously kalau org pandai buat kue chang ni mmg sedap :)

  3. "Two days ago I sent in text to my sister to pass my traditional gear to my brother as I need it for a portrait photo shot" - marvic

    hehehe.. lain macam jer bunyi. siapakah fotografer bertuah itu?

  4. Lotfi: siapa fotographer bertuah itu? hmm....aku masih lagi mencari real photographer with fully equipe studio and with affordable package...nak htr quotation kat aku ke? :)

  5. marvic.. sedapnyerr nyum nyum
    baju tu lawa la.. teringin nak g sabah sarawak

  6. oo..kt Jusco ada jual ek? nanti bain nak cari makan rasa. :) thanks for the info Marvic :)