Wednesday 3 June 2009

Letter to Friends


Some of you might have read my previous post on the "Finally My Side of Story" that I posted last night. Due to some circumstances (which I cant revealed in here), I deleted it for the good of all. Thanks for those who commenting on it. I really appreciate it so much. I didnt have the intention to blame or point fingers to anyone. I just want to tell my side of story that only me can understand. Thanks for those who commenting on previous post. I really appreciate it. SORRY if the previous post somehow did offended your feeling. That is my only way to tell you what I felt about things that happen to me/us. At least I feel good after putting all of my feelings into words.

Hopefully there will be no more arguments or anything else that might hurt someone else as I don't want to make enemy.



  1. marvic
    for me, kawan biar ser'million', musuh jgn ade sorg pun.. hehehe tapi bercinta tuhh.. biar lebih dari satu muahahaha

    rindula kat ko marvic..
    jum jumpaaaa
    tak yah la ajak org len

  2. hi marvic, its better to have friend than enemy.

  3. Fazzy & TH, I know what you both mean.....

    Fazzy, bila u free? jom la jumpa..u got my number kan...kita buat photo shot berdua je..wakakaka

  4. ces. ni mesti stail pegang kamera satu tangan, ambil dari depan..hahahaha. jangan ambil gambar dalam toilet sudah macam bebudak sekarang nih. buat malu je.

  5. Lotfi, xder maknanya kitorang nak ambik gambar dlm toilet..apa hal plak kan...siot je kau ni...nanti jgn jeles plak tengok gambar aku dgn fazzy yg bakal meletop nanti...wakakaka (x bleh nak imagine lagi ni)

  6. siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas. takpelah maria, do take care dan lupakan perkara yang lepas.