Thursday 25 June 2009

Revisit, Rethinking and what else..*

Someone told me that my blog is full with emotion, sadness and frustration. I was like "what again?" But then I cant blamed that friend because that is what that person think of my writing in this blog. My 1st intention for blogging is to express myself in words because it is so difficult for me to speak it out. I used not to show my anger, I will just keep quiet and will let it go after some quite time and cry over it all alone by myself. That is how I managed my frustration and anger's emotion. I guess many would think that my life is full with drama which I honestly agreed. I should be nominated as "Best Actress 2008"...kekeke..But I guess my life is considered okay compared to other human being out there who might be trying hard to save their life and their loves one so that they can still see sun shines in the next day. Thanks to God for His gift to me. May God bless the rest.

But, why do people blogs? There is so many reason that I can think off or which I read in here, here, and here. I did an assignment for my final semester about blog writing and how does it relates back with Interpersonal Communication. Did lots of reading but still I think I put more of my thoughts in the paper. But still need to put references to support my argument/opinions. Have too right.. so that it can be considered as academic writing. But I think mine (that paper) doesn't not really answering the question and doesn't not reach my lecturer's expectation in an academic writing. I did it in last minute due to my pile of work in the office (sorry Pak Ngah.. :p)

Blogs writing help blogger to be a good writer. One point that I am totally agree. Check out at Mariuca. She is really good copywriter. She can play with words very well. I guess for me to be like her, I must read, read and read more articles and learn more on how to be a good writer. Of course to be a good writer, one should practice more and the only platform I have to be a good writer is through my very own blog. Hopefully I can be as good as her...

Soon, NotesByMarvic will turn 2 years old. The journey start back in 2007 after Emila Yusof (was my colleague) encouraging me to start with my own blog. So I start mine with Wordpress but then I changed to Blogspot. Even my url changed twice. Then I commercialize my nick name Marvic (combination of my two name) in virtual world among bloggers. I get to know lots of people from all walks of life and from different places as well. I wont be surprise if people might found their soul-mate / best friends through blogs. Even some people found their long lost relatives or friend through blogs. See how powerful blogs can be and affect people's life. Some even make more money from blogging and prove that blogs is like a Midas's Touch. Am I right or not? Correct me if I am wrong. I should have found this article that can help me with my last assignment on blogs writing...sigh...

Anyway, I will come out with a giveaway contest very soon in conjunction with NotesByMarvic 2nd Birthday...hehehe




  1. Blogging is a powerful tool, I agree.

    I found my long lost pen pal thru blogging this year! :D And made friends with a whole bunch of wonderful and friendly people.

  2. nessa, congrats for being the first to chop in here...senang je kan...blogging indeed a powerful tool...i found u, shemah, LJ, TH, mariuca, rizal and the others through blog as well...hahaha..i am glad to get to know all of u...

  3. Blogging or writing is good. According to a survey in the States, people who write live longer than those who don't. Keep writing!

  4. Pak Ngah, skrg ni pon almost all the time, my brain works hard ..semata2 nak pikir what to write in my blog..

    Kalau jadi awet muda lagi best pak ngah..thanks for the info and support..