Wednesday 10 June 2009

Twisted with language

After two years working in KL and monitored brands in Peninsular, my knowledge on brands in East Malaysia seem to be wash away during my stay working here. But now since I have been attached in this new department, I have to re-polished my knowledge on the brands and everything about it. Today, I called few officers from the subsidiaries in East Malaysia for some inquiries. One of them is an Iban lady, usually I will automatically will converse the conversation in Iban dialect but somehow my tounge twisted and I sounds so awful talking in Iban. Now, I realized that my ability to speak well in local dialect is become a bit rusty. I just need to work it out very soon as I am going to contact them very often.

Whatever it is..I feel so sleepy already..unfortunately I am having very bad cough since last week and today its getting worst and my throat getting hurts ... :(