Thursday 2 July 2009

A to Z

My mind is so messed up. Have so many issues from A to Z that I need to tackle and solve. Career issue, work issue, personal issue and family issue. Luckily I am not yet married otherwise there will be marital issue and from Z, the number of issue will go on to the symbols. The only thing that I wish for right now is one Open Door that can help me to solve all the problem very soon or within Year 2009. God please help me open that one door for your humble servant.

"Mak, mok nangis dah tok"

* * * *
Commercial Break

* * * *

If a man says that "I am a man"....

A woman can say that "I am not a super woman"....

* * * *

The above saying have meaning to each one of us whether you are a man or a woman. Just spare some time thinking of it. :p


  1. Nice for you to say issues rather than problems. Well, at least you know now that life is about handling the issues effectively to remain alive.

  2. The Slave of Allah, i just wanted to be nice with problems by refering it as issues. Life without issues is like a drama without a script. somehow each issues create ups and down of our the issues will always be there accompany ys as long as we live