Tuesday 25 August 2009

Confront or Not to Confront*

What would you do when you find out that someone is talking behind your back which later would tarnish your image?

Would you confront with that person or not?

What would happen if that person still don't want to admit and keep creating different stories and more lies?

What would you do if that person admit it but again still creating different stories and more lies?

Do you think we should have this kind of person among our circle of friends?

Do you think we should give that person piece of mind?

The question is should we confront or not confront with the person. In Malaysian cultural, it is not our practice to have the confrontation as we believe that what comes around will comes around or Life is a Circle. We tend to care more for people's pride as we carefully fabricating our words into a proper sentences in any conversation so that it wont hurts people's feeling (Face Management Theory). But when some people do the opposite things like saying bad thing behind us, we cant do anything. It is because if we confront with that person, it would effect the relationships that we had with the person. The effect can be negative as well as positive depending with how far that person can perceives confrontation.

Now, I would like to ask your opinion whether it is good to practice confrontation for better understanding of the situation. Give me your sincere opinion as a Malaysian.


Demonic Angel


  1. this is a great post!! i jz wanna be the first commentator..wakakaka..

  2. Hi Demonic Angel, again u are the 1st to comment in here...the post?...hmmm..usual things that each of us would experience with...hahaha

  3. happens. but no matter what.. i still wanna know the truth that lies beneath those lies..and the reason for all the lies.

  4. hmmm, for me..i'm not ready to reveal it yet..i mean my side of story but this happen to me recently..damn i was so hurts

  5. hehe..i mean..if such thing happened to me...that's what i would like to do.. lol

  6. yup, i would still want to know the lies beneath those lies and the reason for all the lies...for the moment just let it be....