Monday 17 August 2009

A Open Letter to a Friend....

You might have offended someone without you knowing it?

You might hurts someone's feeling over something without you knowing it?

I think I might hurt someone's feeling tonight which I think it is for his own good. I know he will be really mad at me but I don't care anymore. As a friend, I just want the best for him. I need Allah be by my side the moment I'm dialing his number tonight. However, here is an open letter to a dear friend.

Dear friend,

I think it is about time for you to think straight and look at the positive side of you life. Once you failed doesn't meant that you are a loser or failed for the rest of your life. You should stand up and start moving forward. Life is a circle my friend. Every thing that you are experience at this moment is part and parcel of life. Someone from other places might experiencing the same thing like you had right now and not you alone. Plus, you are not alone. You have your family and friends that really care about you. Think about them. Think about what you do right now. Do you think you do the right thing? If you think you are then you are wrong my friend. You are ruining your own life and people surrounds you without you knowing it. I know you can do better than before, just that you are having a rough time. When I started to know you, I was amazed that you achieved a lot and more than I had. I was really envy you. Then you shows me that anyone can do better in their life as long as they put their mind in it. So now, prove it to me that you are among those who that can create their own success story because I want to be in list that will congratulate you and support you from behind. Another advice from my mother that I always keep in mind; Love yourself before you can love anyone else and remember your love ones and Allah. He is the Greatest of all as He create us and everything in this universe.


A friend that care


  1. dear, i know this open letter is special for your friend..

    but i'm also taking it as for me.. =)hope u didn't mind. terasa a little bit more semangat here now.. thanks maria.. =)

  2. diya, glad that u got a little spirit from this open letter... :p

    start moving forward is the best thing to do rather than wandering why it happen to us...

  3. hope that fren of urs will read it and get motivated. ;)

  4. Demonic Angel, i hope so.. thanks :p

  5. Marvic,

    Great that you are helping a friend. I hope things will get better for that friend of yours. When things get rough, support from friends and families are matter most to help one to get thru.

    There will be times when people are having difficult and rough tides, they tend to seclude themselves from others.

    I hope your friend will understand that your intention is great.

    : )

  6. Rizal, i hope that friend would understand and will get better very soon...

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