Monday, 7 September 2009

My Encounter with Traffic Police*

For the first time of my life today, I was stopped by traffic police when I was on my way driving back home from HUKM (I had a follow up treatment with my doctor). I was actually on the phone when the officer saw me and asked me to stop at the side of the road. I was of course a bit panicked but then I admit it is my fault anyway. So, here is friendly conversation between me and the policemen.

Inspector Sahab (not his real name): Do you know that you are not supposed to use any mobile phone when you were driving?

Me: I know but I couldn’t help myself but to answer the call. It was a call from my boss. (It is not actually..hehehe)

Inspector Sahab: Then your boss can pay for the summon for you then.

Me: Well, I don’t think so as it is my fault anyway.

Inspector Sahab: Can I have you driving license please?

Me: Ok. Hold on for a while (me was ready with my driving license and IC and pass it to him)

Inspector Sahab: Can I have your driving license with the one that had your picture on it.

Me: Sorry sir. I didn’t bring that one along but you can verify my name with my IC.

Inspector Sahab: Then how am I supposed to know whether this license is for motorcycle or car?

Me: I only have license for car and not motorcycle.

Inspector Sahab: Why don’t you use hands free or loudspeaker on your phone? Can I see you mobile phone please?

Me: My mobile phone doesn’t have that features as it is just a basic mobile phone (while hand in my phone to him)

Inspector Sahab: Did you make call or you answer a phone call? (While he checking out my mobile phone)

Me: I just got a call from my boss.

Inspector Sahab: Why you did not park your car at the side of the road if you need to answer the call?

Me: How am I going to park my car to the side of the road if I was in the middle of the heavy traffic? I was from the hospital for my follow up treatment.

Inspector Sahab: Are you having that H1N1?

Me: No. of course not. I just need to answer the call because it is from my boss. He has been trying to get me on the line since I was with the doctor (showing a HUKM plastic bag that containing my medicines)

Inspector Sahab: Where are you working?

Me: I am working with ****. Our HQ is in Selangor and today is public holiday for Selangor but not our branch in Kuching as today they are working and they are the one that tried to call me.

Inspector Sahab: I see. So you are Sarawakian right. Maria Victoria. What should I call you since you have two names here? How come you have two names? Where were you from? What language do you converse at home? Any other language you know beside English?

Me: (What the *&^% kind of questions) Yes, I am. You can call me by either one. Ask my mom. She knows how to answer your questions. I’m from Kuching. I use English and a bit of my dialects.

Inspector Sahab: How long have you been working in here? Where are you staying? With who? So you know you way around here very well.

Me: For three years already. I’m staying in Desa Pandan with my brother. Yes I am.

Inspector Sahab: Owh..With your brother? What is he doing?

Me: He is a PTD (Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik)

Inspector Sahab: A diplomat? Where is his office?

Me: He works with KPDNKK in Putrajaya. How much is the summon going to cause me then? This is my first time ever being issue with summon ticket. I only been to police station when people hit my car before.

Inspector Sahab: Owh really? Okay Maria. Do you know that we are having this Ops Sikap. We are having this for two weeks before and two weeks after the festive. This summon will cause you RM300 and during this Ops Sikap, you can’t get the discount like any other day.

Me: Okay.

Inspector Sahab: Okay. Now I decided not to issue you this summons but what can you give to me?

Me: Well sir, I can’t give you cash money or anything because I don’t bribe people. If you want to issue me the summons, it is up to you. But what I can offer you is to pray for your well-being.

Inspector Sahab: I know it is up to me whether I want to issue the ticket or not but what can you give to me?

Me: Again Sir, I can’t give you anything. What do you want from me?

Inspector Sahab: I can’t ask anything from you but it is you who can decide what to give to me. Can I have you number? Would you give it to me?

Me: Sorry Sir. I can’t do that. It is not appropriate for me to give out my number to any stranger right.

Inspector Sahab: Yup. You are right there. So, I am not getting any number from you then. How old are you? 26? Married or still single?

Me: Yes. I can’t give it out. 27 and not married (I was already not in the mood but had to maintain my sweet and friendly look)

Inspector Sahab: So how are you getting to know people if you don’t give out your number?

Me: I don’t but they will give theirs to me.

Inspector Sahab: Okay Maria. I am not going to issue the ticket to you but if I see you again using your mobile while driving, I won’t be hesitate to issue you the summon ticket.

Me: Thanks a lot Sir; I’ll definitely won’t do that again. If it is not from my boss, I wouldn’t answer the call anyway.

Then after the long conversation, this Indian police letting go of me. Then I realize that he was flirting with me. Gosh. Policemen can be very desperate. Hahaha …but it is just another experience for me..So here is my advice if you are being stopped by any traffic police:

1)Do maintain your sweet and friendly look (doesn’t matter whether you are single, married lady or gentlemen)

2)Do admit your wrong doing.

3)Be friendly and answer their questions with sincerity.

4)If you need to create a story, make sure all the story jives and make sense.

5)Don’t forget to smile and be polite.

6)Say thanks to them if they letting you go or issuing you the ticket.

7)Don’t ever have the thought to bribe them. It won’t do you any good but more trouble.

I should have take picture of him as a memorable gesture for my blog.Hahaha….but then he is not good looking like Hithrik Roshan anyway…LOL.