Saturday 19 September 2009

Skating at Sunway Pyramid

I went out for skating at Sunway Pyramid today with my two other friends, Jai and Bibi. That was my first time I skate and here is what I brought back home.

Gift from Sunway Pyramid

I fell few times on my knees and again fell really hard along with my head which now I'm not really enjoyed the side effects. But nevertheless, I made friends with few that are really good in skating. Ash, who play ice hockey for Wildcatz ( I hope I get the right name here), Uncle KC (Ash told me that Uncle KC is a legendary ice hockey player..but does he looks familiar thou), Jimmy and his friends all the way from Sibu, Sarawak (they are school teachers that are here for the holiday), Nisha (Ash's cousin) and last but not least is Devan, cute and adorable 11 years old boy who helps us who taking care good of us on the ice. Thanks guys for the helps.. :)

I definitely will come again soon and practice that I can skate smoothly and will not fell again. Arghhh...I need a full body massage. :p For sure, I cant wear any short skirt for now until my knee back to normal again

I am thinking of having next Raya Gathering for blogger at Sunway Pyramid..hmmm...what do u guys think? Can we have it on the 27th Sept?...




  1. OMG, so painful.. sorry marvic. hope you get well.

  2. many years no skating. check my giveaway at

  3. never forget wish you selamat hari raya.

  4. Adoi, sampai lebam-lebam tuu

    mau sakit sakit badan nanti tuu

    Rizal boleh main roller blade dgn cunnya

    Rizal juga boleh main ice-skating tapi dengan hapraknya. huhuhu.

    Kalau nak stop tuu memang paut paut ajer kat memeber atau langgar dinding. hehe

  5. TH, skating is fun but not the falling part..hahaha

    Rizal, adoi....mmg lebam neck still hurts and i might go for check up this wednesday...hehehe..maybe u should try thou :)..just get ready with helmet, and other protection be safe