Tuesday 29 September 2009

Stories *

Lots of things happen around me for the whole month of Ramadhan and few days during the celebration of Eid ul-Fitri.

Story 1:

Again, I have been stopped by Police Patrol Car during my way back home from LCCT. I was there sending my friend, Michele that was on her way holidaying in Langkawi. I was so nervous because I do aware that my driving license at that point of time will be expire very soon. Nervously I hand in my driving license and my ID for them to do any necessary checking as claimed by them. Meanwhile I had this short conversation with the other officer;

Me: May I know what is going on here?

Officer 1: Well, basically we need to have at least 20 record on cars for each day so when we saw your "Sexy Girl on Board" behind your car, we decided to put yours in the list for today.

Me: What the *&^%$*^@#? ( in more manner way for sure). Owh..I definitely will put that thing down and change it with "Pregnant Mother on Board" after this.

Officer 1: (LOL)...Anyway, you driving license will due this monday..

Me: I know..I do aware of that. Thanks for the reminder...

(apa la nasib..asyik kena tahan polis je)

Story 2:

I had Iftar session with one of my lecturer, Dr. Hamisah and with few friend at Bangi. We really had great time together with all the cit cat for the night. Photo taking session definitely in our list. Will put it up here soon.

Another Iftar session that were open for bloggers was held at Chillis, Mid Valley courtesy from NotesByMarvic. More story on this at Roshidi.

Udey Ismail later on the weekend held another Iftar with bloggers at QBistro, Bandar Tasik Permaisuri. I was there for sure...hahaha

Story 3:

I stayed at home during the 1st day of Eid ul-Fitri as my whole body in pain due to the ice skating accident a day before. The pain cause me sleepless at night but however it doesnt stop me from quick cleaning at home...weird right...hahaha..thats me, always do something opposite from the other.

Story 4:

I had a quick shopping at Poh Kong two weeks ago. I made a purchases less then 30 minute and that definitely for the first time in my life. Maybe because I have already made up my mind on deciding which one I want to buy. I bought a nice gold pendant for myself. I bought it in advance using my extra money that I got for my beading work. Last year I used the money to pay my ticket flight going back home during Eid ul-fitri.

Story 5:

NotesByMarvic and organised Gathering for Eid ul-Fitri last sunday, 27th September 2009 at My News Cafe, One Utama. Almost 20 of us (bloggers and family member) attend the gathering. Meanwhile Nurleeta and I surprised Lotfi (owner of with a birthday cake from Baskin Robbin. The gathering was success and we definitely will organised more activities after this. This gathering was Lotfi's last session meet up with fellow bloggers in KL before he fly back to Saudi Arabia. Will post up few picture soon.

Story 6:

will be continue...



  1. gold is pretty but some inside empty

  2. hai doesnt matter i guess as long as i love gold...hehehe

  3. story 5 tuh.. masukkan le watak2 yang hadir.. heheh.. nak glamer jugaksss..

  4. kekeke.. kan dah glemer.. oih. takut aku nak komen kat entri hari ini. so aku komen kat sini jerlah. wakakaka.. sabar maria. jangan marah2. tapi sekali-sekala marah, apa salahnya. aku pon pernah jugak s0und2 dalam belog aku.

  5. Lotpi, ko kan celebrity..mesti la glem. tp waseem lagi glemer la...pasal entry kat atas tu...sorry la..aku tertiba je rasa nak marah..lepas ni aku nak marah org lain plak...wakaka..better aku marah n luahkan semua before aku sakit makan hati...want to let go semua...

  6. plak ko ni..wakakaka..

    amacam..journey balik makkah?.waseem meragam x?

    dah mula rindu dgn waseem ni