Thursday 19 November 2009

Jalan Bellamy*

Kak Mazenah, Naily Akmal (behind)
Sharna, Yun, Marvic (front row)
Taken after lunch and on a=our way back to the office

We went to Jalan Bellamy (behind Istana Negara) for lunch. My partner and I (Sport & Recreations Bureau) organized a simple lunch gathering for the Futsal Tournament's committee. Only 10 out of 20 of them turn up for the gathering.

More write-up at Yun




  1. yay! bain dpt chop sini! yay! ^_^

    jln bellamy tu best ikan bakar dia. lama dah x pi sana...

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  3. Bain..finally u the first...kat sini senang je being the first to be the first commentor..jln bellamy mmg sedap ikan bakar nyer...yummy..hehehehe comment

  4. yelaaa Marvic. kalo kt EIB tu, susah skit nak dpt 1st commentor! u know what, sekarang kat Yassin's blog tu kan, lagi senang nak jadi 1st commenter. Bain dah dpt chop byk kali dah! yay! ^_^

  5. yassin dah ada blog sendiri? kena visit ni..hehehe