Monday 21 December 2009

My Shopping Spree*

I am so running out of my savings due to this Christmas Shopping Spree that I had for the past week....and now when I did my calculation on my Christmas Expenditure FY2009...I am so regretting myself for spending more than I should. For example, yesterday RM200 only on my hair do and not to mention all that nice dresses I bought for this occasion.... Oh yes...I was in KK last week and I managed to bought a set of pearl (necklace, earing and bracelet) for my mother's birthday gift. I know she going to love it as she always mention about wanting a nice pearl necklace. I just couldnt wait to give it to her.

Christmas Gift for my nieces and nephews. I am so totally out of budget and yet I need to get something for them. Owh...I am so turning myself to a Shopaholic and I need to put myself into a rehab.

* * * *

Welcome to the NewBorn Baby Ahmad Farahidi Roshidi, weighted 3.6kg, born on 17 December 2009 at 0054 midnight.

Ahmad Farahidi Roshidi.

Dont you just think that he look so cute and he smells really good...its a newborn baby smell. Baby Ahmad is a second child and boy to fellow blogger, Roshidi.

Now, I feel like I want baby too....but first I need to find a nice guy, get marry and have baby...OR....can I just simply have baby without getting married?...I am so considering an option to adopt a baby.....hehehehe...



  1. Tu baby memang sangat Comel.

    Lama sungguh Incik RestNrilekS tak kemari.

    Marzie sihat? Selamat bercuti ya : )

  2. Aha, bercapak tentang Shopaholic..

    Have you seen the confession of a Shopaholic. Cerita yang okay ditonton masa kebosanan. : D

  3. marvic
    bestnyer shopping..
    nak wish Merry Christmas!!

    better anak sendiri la
    hehehe but if tak jumpe mr nice guy then baru anak angkat hehehe ^^

  4. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year Marvic! ^_^

  5. Merry Christmas to all of u....and Happy New YEar too...