Saturday 16 January 2010

I Need To Think Positive *

I learnt about something which put me into tears. I feel like my whole plan is ruined and there is nothing that I can do. I thought of my dear parent and my whole life. Number 5.6 is become so significant in my life. I never thought that it can change my whole life. I told my sister about it and my mother call me afterward. I was almost cry when I heard her voice over the phone. Both gives me lots of do and don't. I know my mother must be so devastated about the news. But we cant do anything about it as it runs in the family. After a while, I try to think on the bright side of it. I still have people who loves me. I still can live my life but with a better and healthy way.

* Think Positive*Think Positive*Think Positive*


Cik Kiah


  1. mariaaaa.....jgn cedeyyy....aku pn cedey jgak nanti...but im still not b'lieve....lets make it once again!!

  2. cik kiah..i know..i dont believe it too tp terpaksa jugak terima hakikat dia kan...penat dah nak nangis..skrg ni i'm gonna live my life to the fullest no matter what....

  3. aah.. nape cedeyy cedeyy???

    anyhow, u'll face it just fine marvic.. keep on surviving!

  4. harap2 la Queenin..sbb tu nak membusykan diri ni...x nak ingatkan sangat..I will survive!!!!!