Monday, 19 April 2010

Productive Weekend*

Another accomplishment over the weekend

Another productive result over the weekend despite of water supply breakdown...I made 4 set of baby gift set as pre-order earlier on by Puan Rohani Talib and I finally made a multipurpose bag which currently I plan to use it for my baby diapers bag. All these while, I have been using my handbag to carry all of her need which may include her feeding bottle, diapers, baby wipe tissue and many other things. And now I am able to put everything in one big bag to accomodate her need everytime we going out. I just love this bag and I am having the thought want to make another one for my use - extra hand luggage whenever I travel out from KL. Well, we never know what are the things that we may bring back from our trip. Purple colour would be nice for me right?.... :D

I am planning for my 1st give away contest very soon and the prizes definitely something handmade by Marvic for sure.... :D



  1. TH..thanks for the compliment... :D

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