Thursday, 26 August 2010

ChurpChurp Make My Day

My motivation to get more from ChurpChurp

ChurpChurp indeed make my day as I just got RM0.11 for my first ChurpChurp. It may look little to you by for me it is big and I am so excited to gain more from ChurpChurp. Previously, I read about it from EmilaYusof and I thought that I want to give it a try. After registered myself and after a week, my first tweet's assignment has been approved and I am so happy. Tweeting is fun and you get your reward when you tweet for social media campaign. Its like double fun for me. But, I need to get minimum of RM100 / SGD100 before I can cash out my reward. Again, to get more value for your tweet, we need to get more follower in twitter and Facebook.

Interested already? Here is way to start your 1st move with ChurpChurp;

1) You need to have account in Facebook and Twitter. If not, you can simply register here: Facebook, Twitter.

2) Then register at ChurpChurp.

3) Afterward, you just authorize Facebook and Twitter setting in your account.

4) Lastly, just wait for your 1st assignment for you to tweet from ChurpChurp.

It is just simple right.

Wait no more..Be more reward with ChurpChurp while you enjoying twittering and expanding networking in Facebook.

#Spreadthelove with @Churp2! Be part of the family and we could both be rewarded! What are you waiting for?


  1. marvic, i used to have churp2 before.. lama tapi xde assignment so i cancel my account. hee..

    bdw, if you wish to earn more, boleh join Youthsays... it's open for youths from 15 to 35! :)

  2. diya..weeee...nanti Youthsays pon nak join jugak la...hehehe..thanks for the info

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