Wednesday 10 November 2010

Card for Him

 What do u think? I think the design is cute...hehehe

I made a card for him for our 1st year of anniversary. I used unused paper from the office and most of the things is from the office...or should I just say that the supplies is being sponsor by the company that I work for...hehehe... mind with the spelling error on the card ....did it on purpose.. :)

We had been together as a couple for a year since last Oct, 30th and we are looking forward for more adventure in the future...and of course more handmade stuff out from recycle things around me will be in your storage..hahaha


  1. so romantic..paper craft lagi...huhu

  2. greeting card yg santek kat luar tu mahal sgt so baik buat sendiri...hahaha

  3. cyanamoose...thanks...aku ni kedekut nak guna brg kat office utk buat kad ni..hehehe