Wednesday 5 January 2011

Update on 1st Week

Love this kind of interior for living room

New Update!!!!!!

In previous post, I did mention that I am not into apartment anymore but then I guess I need to accept the fact that it is not easy for me to rent affordable terrace house at least within my budget. Plus, houses in KK is so categorize as "HOT STUFF". This is all because within few hours after the owner advertise their rented house on the web..people are actually running towards it.. It is just matter of time.

Well...after driving here and there for house hunting in KK, I finally got one affordable apartment around Kepayan. This location is still in my preferred area - 10 minutes drive to KKIA and Office. Cool right..hehehe..Paid the deposit to the broker this morning and I will get the house key by tomorrow.. Then the forwarding agent has assure me that the delivery of stuffs will be around tomorrow afternoon. I will be on leave for two days starting tomorrow till Friday to arrange everything accordingly. Hopefully I can sleep tight on Saturday night at my new Home Sweet Home.

Love this kind of dining table..either in black or white color..table for 4

I will take picture of it tomorrow...I miss my car... and him too...Wondering if he can surprise me with a short trip to KK soon...I can dream about it but I dont think it happen due to his nature of work...damn....the only things that I like about his work is that I get to know about any gossip in Malaysia entertainment industry before it gets printed in the paper..and of course got the chance to be part of some event like concert, live-show, etc..


  1. Marvic nak tiket konsert free kalo macam tu!!!!!!!!! Hehe
    Anyway good luck babe in new town. I wish I could do the same thing, explore new places, meeting strangers and stuff.. Huhuhuhu

  2. Wishing you the best of luck there dear.. And hopefully you will learn to love and enjoy the place too.. And the concert tickets and live show, etc you can pass to me.. :P hehehe

  3. khemy & Bellla..thanks...biasa la..mesti nak free tickets kan...