Thursday 14 April 2011

10th Sarawak State Election, Politics

It is the Tenth Sarawak State Election which will be held on 16 April 2011. I will be back to cast my vote for the first time since I registered myself four years ago. I will leave KK tomorrow night after work and meet my brothers that will come all the way from KL for the same reason too. Firstly I am excited going home tomorrow and it is not because of the election but simply because I will be at home with my family. It is my first trip going back after three month transferred to KK.

Nevertheless, here is two of the candidates that are now trying to win my valuable vote. Actually they are trying their best to gain valuable vote from the whole communities in N16 Bengoh.

Candidate 1

Election Area: N.16 BENGOH
Date of Birth: 28.04.1957
Address: Lot 1732, Block 71, KCLD, Kota Padawan, 93250 Kuching
Office Phone No: 082 – 614399     Fax No:     082 – 611657
Party:     Sarawak United People Party – SUPP (BN)
~ he won the ninth state election for N16 Bengoh ~

Candidate 2
(Pic Not Available)
Name: Willie Mongin
Party: PKR

Candidate 3
(Pic Not Available)
Name: Richard @ Peter Margaret
Party: SNAP

Candidate 4
(Pic Not Available)
Name: Wejok Tomik
Party: party-less

So, who is going to be the one that can bring in development for our communities. Previous People Representative @ wakil rakyat did not run his work up to our expectation and honestly I definitely want changes for real. But then again, I need to think Pro and Cons about every decision that I made as 1 vote of mine can make a different. That is what I believe in.


One thing that I dislike most is whenever it comes to election season, politics people tend to make sweet promises. They can be seen here and there on the ground, meeting the communities with sweet smile and showing off their gratitude towards them. Not only that, donations comes in like nobody business. But then they will no longer on the ground after the election. Nobody can see them anymore until the next election. I only hopes that villagers/communities can see the whole scenario like what I see and wish them make a good judgment and cast their votes to the one that deserve it. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: My kampung is still lack of clean pipe water supply. We are still depending on natural water resources from nearby mountains. Whenever it is dry season, we turned to nearby river for our basic need. You cant imagine what we have been going through all of the years until now during dry season. :(
I am so frustrated none of the wakil rakyat do anything about it. 



  1. And the saddest thing about it all is that, only during this election season they sebok2 want to tolong.. konon. but after that things go back to what they were. none really do want to help. they just want to get to the top. tu yang most ppl dah fed up sangat tu with politics.

  2. nko jadi wakil rakyat jerlah senang. mesti banyak perubahan nanti. hehehe.

  3. Sudah 9 penggal kena tipu....kali ni mau kena tipu lg ka?... dlm politik sometimes u kena 'gosok' to get something, sometimes u kena 'sekeh' lu pk la sendiri

  4. is so true indeed...

    Lotpi.. kalau saya dilantik menjadi wakil rakyat..perkara pertama yg saya akan lakukan adalah minum setin air cola which is my faveret and berpikir jap sapa yg saya mau lantik jadi my political secretary... anda mau apply? hahaha

    Ma Yusof..org2 veteran kita di kawasan2 kampung suda sinonim dgn lambang dacing jadi sememangnya dacing itu yg menjadi pilihan mereka sejak dulu lagi..