Saturday 7 May 2011

Early Election Education

I was flying back home for the election recently along with my two other brother and one of my niece. But the three of them flying from KL and me from KK..I'm the last one who arrived in the airport. Seriously both our flight were full and I guess people are coming back home for the election too. We reached home quite late pass 11pm. But still we had our supper with mom and dad. Thanks to my mom, my sister and her daughter for the delicious supper.

I woke up quite early in the morning as it is the day that we going to cast our vote. I went down to the kitchen and accompany my dad having his breakfast.Then suddenly my mother came and give me my early election education. She taught me on how to cast my vote and surprisingly she told us not to cast our vote to any other party else except ****...Hahahaha...

 Mom is serious about her vote

Alyssa does not care less about election but cant letting go of her father..

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