Saturday, 6 August 2011

Canon EOS 600D

Do you see that? In the above picture.. YES.. its Canon EOS 600D, a DSLR that I have been wished for since I lay my eyes on this magnificent gadget. Finally I make it mine last Saturday when I was traveling to KL for an event by the company. I bought it at Selangor Photographers in Pertama Complex which is next to Sogo, Kuala Lumpur. Most of photographer recommend to buy any camera equipment at that particular shop as they keep mention it will be a worthy visit. It is actually as I immediately bought one without to rethink twice. But you can say that I am one happy girl on earth when I get my hands on it for real. After this, I will try to learn more on the features of the camera. You can read more review on this Canon EOS 600D from here. Thanks to mr BF for accompany me on that day. We naik LRT to avoid the long hour stranded in the massive traffic... best jugak dating naik LRT.. :)