Thursday, 27 October 2011



Jamil is an unfortunate kid that I saw secretly looking at group of people having lunch in KFC Restaurant few week ago. Age 10 years old, not schooling. He was begging for some money to buy his lunch and which I was so touched when nobody willing to give at least few cent to him. Not to mention I was having my lunch in that KFC Restaurant. I quickly finish my lunch and walk towards this kid. I was him if he is hungry. He didn't say anything but simply nodded his head indicating that he is hungry. There I were walk with him into KFC and ordered KFC Chicken Rice set. While he were having his lunch, I asked him about where is his parent is? what do they do for living and such..

Well the point of this entry is that I am so grateful that;
1) I have lovely and hardworking parent that making sure I have proper education
2) I able to provide myself with basic need, a house to stay, education to feed my soul and brain, stability in career etc
3) I can still can cope with my problem which is nothing compares with what Jamil experiencing in life now

The only thing I can do to help Jamil is buying him a lunch set. The rest of it is up to Jamil on how to build up his own life.