Friday, 4 November 2011

Makati, Philippines

Makati, Philippines is among places that I plan to go in near future. Some friends told me that it is among best places in Philippines. How I wish I can plan my backpacking trip to Makati... I dont even know how to slot it in year 2012 as I have already booked my return flight to Bangkok, Thailand and to Europe. Another things that I need to consider is my annual leave. Europe trip itself have taken 14 days and mot mention about Christmas and other festival too.. hmmm...

But whatever it is, I am not talking about my holiday plan but more into postcard that i've received from a dear blogger, Roxychick. She was there in Makati for almost as week for official trip.. When I knew about it.. i jokingly asked for any Makati' s postcard to be delivered to me.. Then suddenly a week after than there were white envelope delivered to me with some postcard from Makati.. I am so damn happy when i got my hands on it.. when now postcard is another hobby that getting myself into it aside of stamp.. I hope i can get more doe my collection
Thanks to Roxychick