Friday 4 November 2011

Makati, Philippines

Makati, Philippines is among places that I plan to go in near future. Some friends told me that it is among best places in Philippines. How I wish I can plan my backpacking trip to Makati... I dont even know how to slot it in year 2012 as I have already booked my return flight to Bangkok, Thailand and to Europe. Another things that I need to consider is my annual leave. Europe trip itself have taken 14 days and mot mention about Christmas and other festival too.. hmmm...

But whatever it is, I am not talking about my holiday plan but more into postcard that i've received from a dear blogger, Roxychick. She was there in Makati for almost as week for official trip.. When I knew about it.. i jokingly asked for any Makati' s postcard to be delivered to me.. Then suddenly a week after than there were white envelope delivered to me with some postcard from Makati.. I am so damn happy when i got my hands on it.. when now postcard is another hobby that getting myself into it aside of stamp.. I hope i can get more doe my collection
Thanks to Roxychick


  1. Hi Maria! :) Wuaahh bestnya next year dah full your vacay slots! Going to Bangkok and Europe? OHHH HOW JELES! :) hahahaha I wish I could go somewhere next year also. Susah want to align time with the kids school schedule and the hubs punya work schedule.

    Best jugak tu pegi Makati.. I've always wanted to visit the Philippines.

    Btw, if you collect postcards, better you join Then you can get postcards from ppl all around the world and add it to your collection. :) It's pretty cool! :)

  2. shemah.. i didnt know about ... tq dear for that info.. hopefully i can slot in Makati in my calendar... rasa mcm dh kekurangan cuti.. huhuhu

  3. wohoo..lama tak blog walkin'!!.. alaaa..beshh la pulak..nakkkk!! postcard! ;)

  4. CK.. jom kita signup for ..mcm besh je tau... :)

    wah jalan jalan, bestnyerr