Monday 27 February 2012

BMW 3 Series

When we mention BMW 3 Series, most of us will thought of a compact executive car manufactured by the German automaker. But I am not going to blog about the sedan but it is about what does 3 series related with day of today, February 27.. Yes.. without further ado, I am proudly to announce that I am now part of 3 Series Club, age 30. 

30 years ago, I was born to a mixed marriage couple, be the baby sister to my four elder sibling. Life has been great for me until now and I am so grateful to Allah for everything. 

Again, this is my second time celebrating my birthday alone in KK. My parent is at back home and so my sisters, my brothers is in KL and so my Mr. BF. I hope things might change in the future. *cross my fingers*  There is no blowing candles, nor cutting birthday cake or getting birthday gift. It is just like any other day in my life. Except that I got late phone call from Mr. BF last night at 12.02 am. He sang me the birthday song exactly with these lyrics:

                                               Happy birthday to you
                                               Happy birthday to you
                                               Happy birthday to my girlfriend yang sengal
                                               Happy birthday to you

He sounded so sweet when he sang me the song. I couldn't ask anything else from him except him to remember my birthday. Such a lame statement... hahaha..The only thing I wish for is to have a good health and surrounded with lots of L.O.V.E

Anyway, age is just a number and I believe picture tells a thousand words. 

p/s: 3 Series dah.. Yay !!!!


  1. Marvic...

    sweet nya lirik mr BF nyanyi tu.. hehe.

    captured your word.."so grateful to Allah for everything"

    May Allah guide you to the right path. InshaAllah.
    {I know it's sound weird when we're saying InshaAllah to non-muslim.. tapi sama jek kalo dengan "If it is God's will"... bahasa jek lain2.}

    Sweet 30th babe!!! welcome to the club. ahaks!

  2. Awwww gf yg sengal! How sweet hahaha. Hope u dpt pindah blk KL cpt so u can celerate with loved ones!

    Happy wonderful birthday. 3series...mahal tuh!

  3. Marvic, happy birthday!
    May you be happy always! ♥

  4. Happy birthday, Maria! Len kali must tell/remind us yg tak tau ni. Biar meriah your FB, Twitter and blog with wishes. Apa2 welcome to the club! ;)

  5. Sharna...Tq for the wishes and yes language jer lain tp meaning tetap sama
    Soulie, hopefully dpt la sambut bersama tahun depan.. and yes. 3 Series mahal tauuu... :)
    Diya.. TQ
    Deb.. TQ.. yay.. new member of 3 Series Club is in da' house