Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Poor Blog

I miss my bloglife so much... There is so much to share but failed to put it in this poor blog due to time constraint ... Hahaha..that is so me.. Work has been stressful with so many issue to tackle and to solve. This working world is so challenging girls..never thought it could be in this way. But then i need to work to pay up bills, loans and many more. I am so jealous over my nephew age 7 who is now and always busy with his daily routine watch the Ben 10 TV Series, Ultraman (e.g) while he play with his PSP. Warghhh... What a life!!! 

Hellooooo myself, u has been through that stage of there is no point of being jelly with that 7 years old boy... I am an adult with oversize safety boot provided by the company..hahaha

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