Monday 9 July 2007

Registration Day At SGS

I was lost on my way to SGS. When i got myself at the right place, the crowd is already there.Then i asked a staff at the counter on how can i get my offer letter. She pointed me to counter 5.and then there was a notice requiring students to get a number. So i turned myself around to look for any particular machine number or counter that can provide me my number.there it is behind the foreign students who were standing there blocking my way to the machine.politely i asked for a way to get myself 1137 stated on the ticket.Current running number is 1037 and the numbers are running damn slow.after a while i managed to get my offer letter from the officer and fill in the forms. then i get myself to sri serdang to have instant photo with my new coursemate name Pek Hoon. She is from Segamat Johor.she shows me around the campus as she did her 1st degree in UPM.then we have our lunch at Sri serdang hawker stall before we heading back to SGS. once we heading back to SGS, our number is running up so it just a good timing for us.settle the fees and then send up the forms then here it matric number; GS19393..i just like the number.once i done i drive myself back home and take my afternoon nap.

Whatever it is i am going to continue my crocheting project tonight...

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