Sunday 23 September 2007


i was not connected to the world for quite few days because there was a faulty with my phone line. my life was a disaster then because i deadly need the internet connection to do my note searching and emailing my assignment. such a miserable life for me. until now, the TM technician was came by and did the checking for me...he diagnosed that the socket was the problem. then he help me with my internet connection..such a great feedback from TM..i called them on thursday night and they did came to my house last friday morning..but then nobody is at home. so i made an appointment with them for todays morning...therefore i salute Telekom Malaysia - Opening Up Possibilities....with their great customer service.

now i can surf the net and do my note searching....but then i need to finish Kak emi's postcard...just wait kak emi....

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