Sunday 25 November 2007

Who Do You Want To Be?

Who Do You Want To Be?...For me, I always dream myself as;

1. A super sexy model that already have names in the industry (in my dreams)
2. A gorgeous fashion designer for famous celebrities in Miami (so that I can design a sexy & yet gorgeous red carpet dress for Alyssa Milano)
3. A capable young lawyer and work with Karpal Singh (too late for me already)
4. A young architect that going to rock the architecture world (too late for me also)
5. A TV personality in Travel & Living channel (am I qualified enough or I might end up like ugly betty...need to rethink back..hahaha)
6. A writer who loves to dreams and shared her dreams with readers.

How about you? Just ask yourself and dream about it. Sometimes we need to dream to shoot the moon. Just cross my fingers and pray hard so that I can shoot the moon at least to be a writer....

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