Monday 23 June 2008


BFF syndrome. I have a few of my own BFF but having my ex-superhero as my BFF is another things that I need to consider. I read about this in an article and at first I can if i really focus on it and see it from the positive sight. But of course it hurt so much as in my case; we went out for more than 5 years and broke up for more than once along the way (for many reasons).End up, again we broke up few week before which is because of my own fault.It is not that I'm seeing someone else but because I said something that hurt him so much and now I need to live with it FOREVER. The truth is that I still do love him (He is my first love thou). But there is no way for us to get back together as he said he has enough already.

HIM: Would like to be my BFF?
ME: (silent)
HIm: I felt like I'd just lost my bestfriend when we broke up...
ME: (I lost someone that I love too and that is YOU)
HIM: U need to move on
ME: One QS (question)
HIM: Yes
ME: Do u still love me or u dont want to be with me anymore even thou I'm the last person on the earth and please answer me honestly by the name of GOD (multiple qs)
HIM: Why is GOD has to do with this?
ME: Because I belief that GOD created us and it is GOD will for anything that happen.
HIM: I do still love you and YES, I'll choose u if u are the last person live on earth
ME: (ah...sakit hati)So, there is no way for us to get back together as there a millions of girl outside there for you to choose
HIM: Change the topic ...
ME: (Silent)
HIM: U need to move on...

*As I still remember and the dialog went on and on...

What should I do? .....

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