Tuesday, 24 June 2008

BFF - Cont.

* Yesterday Evening

HIM: Can I call u ....? (my 1st name)
ME: I dont like you to call me by my name
HIM: Then I call u ....(my 2nd name)
ME: I dont like you to call me by any of my name
HIM: Then what should I call you?
ME: (silent)
HIM: And what names are you going to call me?
ME: I'm not going to call you by any names
HIM: Seriously I need to know because I dont like people to call me by names
ME: Dont worry. I'm not going to call u by any names/ur name


* Last night

HIM: Hello
ME: Yes
HIM: Are you online?
ME: I'm not
HIM: Why not?
ME:I cant
HIM: Why?
ME: I'm doing something else

* the conversation end up for an hour

* This morning

HIM: Morning
ME: Morning
HIM: Why you didnt pick up the phone?
ME: I went for breakfast. Didnt bring my phone along
HIM: I read ur blog
HIM: Can u be my BFF?
ME: I'll answer that later in my blog
HIM: When?
Me: Soon
HIM: A.S.A.P ?
Me: (silent)

Should I or shouldnt I be his BFF? I need someone to answer/advice me on that. Anyone?